Why GoldInstitute.net?

For over 25 years, the directors of GoldInstitute.net have been invested in exploration, junior and major Gold and Silver mining companies. Our current portfolios are comprised of shares, LEAPS, and warrants of mining companies around the world.

Expertise. We have researched, consulted with, and solidified relationships with, mining executives and investors in their industry. We are familiar with the exploration and junior industry leaders and their boards of directors.

We communicate frequently with the Gold newsletter fraternity, experts who often solicit the initial private placements and equity investments. We attend Gold investment conferences and have relationships with many of their nationally featured speakers.

Goldinstitute.net has hosted Gold Forums to attract national Gold newsletter professionals and Precious Metals mining executives.

Independence. For over 25 years we have independently researched and evaluated the Gold and Silver market. We can help you find the legitimate Gold and Silver mining and exploration companies that have a good track record and huge potential.

We get new information daily about Gold and Silver mining and exploration companies. We see opportunities early. We can help you understand and evaluate the three levels of Gold  mining companies – the major producers, the junior companies, and the exploration stocks. We can explain the factors that go into choosing a good Gold or Silver mining company, the importance of accumulating a basket of junior and exploration mining companies, and how you can monitor your investments on a daily basis.

Most money managers and Wall Street brokers claim to provide their clients with balanced, diversified portfolios, even though those portfolios are limited to stocks, cash, and real estate. Since there are seven asset classes in total (stocks, bonds, cash, real estate, commodities, precious metals and collectibles) a typical investment portfolio is anything but diversified and balanced.

We can help you add Gold to your portfolio – as an investment and as insurance.

Vision and advice. Use GoldInstitute.net as a resource for education, and advice about timely investment opportunities.

We recommend patience — accept a 1-3 year window of opportunity, which could be marked by volatility and negative sentiment.

We recommend diversification – accumulate a basket of exploration and junior mining companies, LEAPS, and Warrants.

We recommend monitoring – check frequently for timely commentary on the exploration and junior mining sectors.

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