Follow Up January 30th, 2011: Historic rally in Gold and Junior, Exploration Gold Mining Shares as predicted, how many of you participated?  Still, not one in ten investors own Gold Mining shares, join us now to find out the next stage of this once in a lifetime Secular Gold and Silver Bull Market. Email me personally, and find out what’s ahead.



The GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY of a generation

Gold is on the cusp of a massive breakout and a move above $1040 will make all 3 bullish chart patterns valid and give targets of $1200-$1300 by Dec 2009 and much higher targets later, in 2010.

The three bullish chart patterns are.

1. A massive head and shoulders bottom.
2. A Cup and handle pattern.
3. A wave 3 up move.

The last 2 major moves in gold in 2005-2006 from $450-$700 and 2007-2008 from $700-$1030, both started in late July and lasted to the March/April time frame, almost straight up!. We are at this sweet spot for gold and gold stocks right now!

Late 2009 into 2010 will have a MASSIVE move in Gold and Gold Mining shares like the run ups in 2005-2006 and 2007-2008. It will happen quickly and unexpectedly.

Most investors will be left at the starting gate without a position. That is why an investor MUST take a position NOW at these deflated prices. has followed the Junior Gold and Silver mining shares for over twenty five years.

We have identified the best of the bunch, and will accept only 100 Premium Members into our entire trading group. These shares are at historic lows, are thinly traded, but offer the most leverage with this coming uptrend.

Only 100 Premium Members will enjoy the benefits of our research and success and:

  • Unlimited email contact
  • Personal contact with our experts
  • Priority access to the lucrative Private Placement opportunities
  • Early positioning in the investment opportunity of our lifetime
  • Links and commentary to our experts in the Gold community
  • Research reports on our favorite mining companies
  • Confidential Portfolio Access and Trading updates
  • A virtual front row seat to our entire portfolio limited to 100 members
  • Trading Group up 132%
  • Buy and Hold up 365% since inception

We will decide on member acceptance only with personal contact.

Please email, submit personal contact info, and we will respond.

Premium Member Service won’t expire until you realize a 50% increase in our Trading Group (minimum service twelve months)

Premium Members will NOT receive trading advice

Premium Members must agree to a confidentially clause to protect the market and trading in our shares reserves the right to cancel individual member service at any time with full refund

NOT SURE, NO PROBLEM, please don’t respond.

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