Gold Mining Sector Update

By Paul Airasian Gold stocks suffered a full blown panic this past month. This was an exceedingly rare sell off (capitulation!) The entire Gold Mining sector is at a fundamentally absurd low price level.

Put 10% Of Your Assets into Gold… And Hope It Doesnt Work!

By Paul Airasian The economy imploded a year ago. It was traumatic and devastating to many, but it wasn’t really surprising to serious gold investors.

Mining the Meaning of Gold

By Paul Airasian Remember Future Shock, the book by Alvin Toffler? It was published in 1984, which was ironic since George Orwell’s 1984 had been the classic vision of a scary future. In the rosy glow of the 1980s, the term “future shock” seemed like it must be referring to something in a distant future. […]

The Many Uses of Gold

By Frank Holmes CEO and Chief Investment Officer U.S. Global Investors Gold’s many qualities make it one of the most coveted metals in the world. Not only can it be beautifully shaped and sculpted, the yellow metal also conducts electricity, doesn’t tarnish and is biocompatible (meaning it’s not harmful to our tissue).

Gold, Silver & Miners Are “Bottoming”

By Avi Gilburt First published Sat Sep 12 for members:  For the last several years, many of you may remember that my downside target box for the GLD was within the 98-105 region (with an ideal target of 98), for silver it was between 12.75-14 (with an ideal target of 12.75), and the GDX was within […]

Gold Shares: Lows are Near

Mary Anne & Pamela Aden The Aden Sisters As most of you know, many mining companies have fallen by over 90%. The HUI Gold Bugs index has fallen 83% since its 2011 peak in the second longest bear market in gold shares on record. It’s fallen twice as much as gold’s bear market loss of […]

Gold Recycling: New Report Examines the Evolving Industry That Contributes a Third of Global Gold Supply

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM–(Marketwired – Mar 5, 2015) – “The Ups and Downs of Gold Recycling: Understanding Market Drivers and Industry Challenges,” written and published today by the World Gold Council and The Boston Consulting Group (BCG), analyses the economic drivers of the global gold recycling market and highlights important future industry trends including; a shift […]

Endeavour Silver Reports 2014 Financial Results; Conference Call at 1pm PST (4pm EST) Today, March 5, 2015

VANCOUVER, BC–(Marketwired – March 05, 2015) – Endeavour Silver Corp. (NYSE: EXK) (TSX: EDR) (FRANKFURT: EJD) announces its financial results for the year ended December 31, 2014, based on the Company’s 10th consecutive year of growing silver production. Endeavour owns and operates three underground silver-gold mines in Mexico: the Guanaceví mine in Durango state, and the Bolañitos and […]

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