Investors Section is currently tracking three portfolios:’s Gold/Silver portfolio, consisting of physical bullion holding companies, undervalued Major Gold and Silver producers, producing juniors and Warrants of producing Gold and Silver companies.

1) A “live” portfolio consisting of Gold and Silver mining companies favored by us.

Objective: BUY and HOLD for major part of Primary bull market.

2) A “leveraged” portfolio consisting of junior and/or exploration companies (under $10.00),  LEAPS of major producers, and Warrants.

Objective: Strong leverage and appreciation.

3) An “optioned portfolio” tracking major and mid-tier gold and silver mining companies. Strategy consists of buying underlying shares, selling near term covered calls, and writing near term “naked” puts.

Objective: Income strategy to protect against downward volatility during severe corrections common to the gold/silver share market.

Currently not tracking because of strong upside trend in Gold and Silver mining shares.

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