Why Gold?

Gold is money.

Gold is still the most important money in the world. Gold has been the ultimate store of value and currency for 4,000 years, outlasting all paper currency and fiat money. Stocks and bonds expire; governments come and go; but gold is forever.

Gold has intrinsic value as a rare asset. Gold is precious, and what keeps it precious is that the total amount of gold in the world is a small quantity.

Gold is an investment.

A secular Gold  bull market is the investment opportunity of a lifetime.

Gold as an asset class (precious metals) should vastly outperform traditional asset classes — like stocks, bonds, real estate – for the next 5-10 years.

All signs point to a continued upswing in gold prices. The reality is, gold responds well to currency debasement and monetary uncertainty.

The U.S. continues to run massive budget, trade and current account deficits. It is now the greatest debtor nation in the world. We see uncertainty with the dollar, political unrest, international terrorism, economic turbulence because of threats to trade.

The economic and political fundamentals are creating the Perfect Storm for precious metal investments.

Gold is insurance.

Gold has always acted as portfolio insurance – protecting you against potential disaster of your financial assets.

Gold is a hedge because it is negatively correlated to traditional financial assets. In other words, when paper assets go up – like, stocks and bonds — gold goes down. And when paper assets go down, gold goes up.

History has shown that a gold-hedged portfolio during uncertain financial and political times provides the ultimate insurance against potential economic calamity.

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