Is It Time to Get into Gold Junior Mining Plays?

Philip Ker, a mining analyst for Canada-based Union Securities Ltd., says while current market conditions are affecting the junior mining space, they are also helping investors to identify low-risk opportunities and projects that may provide future value growth. In this exclusive interview for The Gold Report, Ker discusses how the industry will need to continue […]

‘Mania’ in Junior Mining Stocks Predicted

Fayyaz Alimohamed, CEO of Altair Ventures Inc. and publisher of the Acamar Journal, offers historical perspective and predictions on the global economic crisis. In this exclusive Gold Report interview, he foresees a “mania” in junior mining stocks and recommends holding physical gold outside the banking system as a safety net. The Gold Report: Fayyaz, in […]

Investing in the Gold Bull Market Like Jesse Livermore

Some ignorant and skittish commentators have been making outrageous claims about the gold “bubble” popping. But here at TDV Golden Trader, we are students of the Austrian Business Cycle Theory (ABCT) and have a deeper understanding of the real reason for the 10+ year bull market in gold – the radical devaluation of the worlds […]

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